Mosaic Tiles DIY

Mosaic Tips, Techniques & Materials with Bonnie Fitzgerald & Kim Wozniak

In the video above, Bonnie demonstrates  processes used to convert a plain ordinary paver into a beautiful work of art . Mosaic tiling is an old world art form.  Rather than going into the history of Mosaic tile,  why not  display some of the tools needed.  Keep in mind that these are basic supplies needed to start a mosaic tiling project.  Just know that the tools you use depends of the kind of materials used.  Here are some samples of materials often used in diy mosaic tiling:  marble, ceramic tile, glass etc…  Bonnie uses broken ceramic tiles in this video.

Here’s another video:


The book “Compendium of Mosaic Techniques – 300+Mosaic Tips, Techniques, Templates and Trade Secrets” by Bonnie Fitzgerald is highly recommended.

300 plus mosaic tips


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