Papaya Trees

Our papaya trees are like a badge of honor.  “Who grows Papaya trees in Austin,” ask Cara Harpole, the proud momma of these papaya trees in the Mocking Bird Garden on the campus of ACC (Northridge).  Not a garden day goes by without someone asking “what are those trees over there?”  Austin isn’t exactly a tropical…

Flowers from our garden

  Flowers are a huge part of our garden–especially since our campus was designated a monarch butterfly way station. We love our zinnias, our wild flowers, sunflowers and all of of the lovely flowers that keeps our butterflies, bees and humming birds happy.


This beautiful plant grew from one of our raised beds.  We were not able to produce many more after this harvest.  This was was grilled with olive oil,  creole seasonings, garlic, and  lemon.  Served with a bed of rice.