The Mockingbird Garden Club’s mission is to promote the positive impact of sustainable organic gardening on and off campus. We have a live model that demonstrates how a small plot of land was developed into a beautiful eco-friendly garden on campus. The garden has a wide variety of herbs, vegetables, fruit and flowers–creating a welcoming environment where students and staff can witness the various stages of plant growth from seeds to harvest.

This model is a living testament to the possibilities of community orientated urban gardening efforts. It also demonstrates the practical approach to growing food that is organic and chemical free. Students and staff alike are amazed at the amount of eco diversity our garden has brought to the campus. In fact, our garden club was named after a mockingbird that took residence in the garden. We are first community vegetable garden of its kind in the the Austin Community College system.

We plan to showcase various growing technics and conservation methods. The beautiful of our club is our ability pull from various resources on (and off) campus from the CAD department to ACC’s Construction department to enhance various aspects of our garden project.

The Mockingbird Club is an active member of ACC’s Sustainable Department’s Green Team. Each year we come together in support of the annual Campus wide Earth Day Event.

Here are a list of our actives: workshops, community gardening, harvest events, the MGC Book Club, clean-up days, a newsletter and more.