About us

The Mockingbird Garden is located on the campus of Austin Community College (Northridge location in North Austin).  A garden club was established after the success of ACC’s campus wide first community garden.

Our mission has always been to promote urban sustainable community gardening.  We have a living  live model that demonstrates how a small plot of land can  be developed into a beautiful organic Eco-friendly garden welcoming butterflies, frogs and yes,  even the deer love the garden.

The garden has gone through a metamorphosis throughout the years.  (see how we got started)  The Mockingbird Garden  started off as a vegetable garden and has evolved into a young forest garden with herbs, Texas natives, butterfly friendly vegetation and  xeriscaping elements (to help in the conservation of water).

summer Garden oil painting

As mentioned above, the Mockingbird Garden is the first of it’s kind in of all the Austin Community College locations.  Our model is a living testament to the possibilities of community orientated urban gardening where student and staff work hand in hand to etch out an Eco-space on campus.  The garden also demonstrates the practical approach to promoting a chemical free habitat.  A  balanced Eco system negates the need for pesticides.  We have learn through the years how to maintain this kind of  balance.

We are a part of the Office of Sustainability “Sustainable Initiates” .  As a “Green Team” member,  it’s important that we also support their goals.  One of those missions is to create an environment that is conducive to a healthy and vibrant bee and monarch butterfly population.  Our campus was designated  a “Monarch Butterfly Weigh-Station”  and a “Wildlife Habitat” by the Wildlife Federation in 2016.

You are  welcomed to walk through the garden ( located between buildings 1000,3000 and 4000).

Special thanks to our Campus Management’s Office (Bel Smith, Northridge), the Office of Sustainability (Andy Kim), Student Life (Northridge), George Griffith (Grounds Manager), Larry Johnson (seed donation), Lynnette Haxton (Club’s Officer & tree donation), Vincent Simmons (Grounds).

Thanks for stopping by

Cara Harpole

Founder of the Mockingbird Garden Club

Designer and manager of the garden