Cinder Block raised bed

The cinder block raised bed project is near completion.  Our initial launch was ushered in with high school volunteers from Harmony Science Academy.

The mulch was started with compost form the bin that had been accumulating.  All excesses from the garden were piled in the same area, building a nice heap.  As the materials decomposed I noticed a major ant infestation.  A few holistic treatments were used to keep he ants at bay.

Each block was carefully balanced using a leveler.  It was a very arduous task being that each block had to be lifted over and over again to get the proper balance.  The soil had to be built up and packed.  Believe me it looks a lot easier than it was.

This project wouldn’t have been so easy to visualize had I not used my CAD expertise to finalize the design and determine a block count and the square footage.  It’s a very tight fit.

This final raised bed helps us realize our goal of  xeriscaping the garden to cut down on watering and out-of-control weed and grass growth.  We are almost there.

before raised bed

This picture represents how the garden looked in the earlier days prior to the raised bed on the top, the compost bin that is now on the other side.  This was previous and open space.  It was very difficult to maintain because of grass and weed, which loved the rich soil.



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