We Created Beautiful Mosaic Pavers

The Mockingbird Garden at ACC was honored to have the internationally acclaimed artist-Dianne Sonnenberg (Austin Mosaic Guild) come to the campus to teach a group of mosaic tile enthusiast the art of adding mosaic tile designs to pavers.  The event took place in November.

We were joined by ACC staff, neighbors, students, instructors and friends.  Dianne treated us with a short presentation of her professional mosaic work.  Some of her fellow Austin Mosaic Guild members were present.  It was a great event.  Members of the Austin Mosaic Guild stopped by to make a generous  donation of mosaic tile supplies from their personal inventories.  Dianne left us with a nice supply herself.

Not only was this event a true learning experience, we also made friends and created our own unique artistic footprint for the Mockingbird Garden.  We can all claim part ownership of the garden by leaving our gifts–the mosaic pavers.

Guess what?  The pavers  still need to be grouted.  So mark your calendars for this coming Sunday where we plan to meet again in room 3140 (bldg. 3000, ACC Northridge) at 12:00PM to finish what we started.  The pavers will need a at least 24 hours to set prior to be placed in the garden.  We can’t wait!






Contact Cara Harpole, for further information cara.harpole@g.austincc.edu


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