Trellis Installed

Today we managed to install the trellis (seen in photo bellow)  with help from George and his crew.  The cattle wire had to be cut with heavy-duty wire cutters.  This trellis is  more heavy duty than previous ones.  The canopy adds another focal point to the garden.  Can’t wait to see the beans take over.  Eventually we will need to reinforce the raised bed with new wood.

Nothing went to waste.  The excess pieces were used for borders.  See the photo below

This  project  took over a year to finalize, so you can imagine how great it feels to get this done.   We needed solid poles to keep the trellis secured.   Had the poles not been set in place with cement on Sunday, the rain would have destroyed the bags of cement on Monday and George and his crew wouldn’t have been able to help us finally realize this goal.


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