Our first paver added to the garden

After reading a few books, watching many videos, searching the net, and receiving a donation of broken tile from Clay Imports the first mosaic tile paver was completed.


A personal experience

All around it was fun but I didn’t realize the amount of time it took to finish one paver.  I needed adhesive to glue the tiles, but before that I needed to purchase tools to break the tile.  A hammer was used for the larger pieces.  Before tools were purchased I needed to get the tiles.  So I went to a local tile company and purchased samples. (Clay Imports). Glass was purchased at the local art supply store.

As you can see, too much adhesive was added to the glass.  It sunk and and things got messy, but not out of control.  I let everything settle for about a week before I added the grout (not that it needs that much time, I just was busy).  The piece came to life after the grout was added.  I set everything aside again so I could get a good quality sealant.

Once all of that was done I couldn’t wait for the moment to add the first mosaic paver to the garden.  It was such a great feeling.


This photo was added to the official launch poster.  Seeing is believing.

I contacted Clay Imports hoping they could sign on to this campaign.  I love their tile and welcome the opportunity of working with local businesses, artist, organizations and passionate mosaic artist.  I had no idea how big this kind of art form was.

Here are the organizations I contacted:

  • Austin Mosaic Guild
  • Blue Moon Glassworks
  • Society of Mosaic Artist
  • Austin School of Mosaic Art





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