Redesigning dull pavers to bring out the beauty of our garden

There are many ways to enhance the look of a garden.  It usually starts with the garden design and landscaping before anything is planted.  I bet many of you haven’t thought about redesigning the pavers on the walking paths.

The pavers direct the flow of the garden.   It’s that formal addition that brings a planned garden to life.  They can be very bla and boring or  beautiful and eclectic.  We decided to go with the later.

A campaign is in the process of being  launched  that will set everything in motion.  We haven’t figured out all of the particulars.  However, one important aspect of this project is participation.  We want our garden club members, our ACC community and friends of the garden to get involved.

Our first step is to make a few prototypes while collecting supplies and gathering our volunteers.  Look for updates on this project in future post.


The picture above are the pavers when they were first delivered.





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