Corn harvest

Corn was harvested from the garden a few days ago.  Squirrels  devoured the entire corn crop two years prior.  A decision was made to move away from wide spaces to a more controlled garden with walking paths.   The area where you see the corn in the picture below is now a natural raised bed.  The current crop was located to a raised bed outside of the main garden area.

Current–Taylor is harvesting an ear of corn in this photo


Previous  crop

The picture below represents how the garden looks today.  A lasagna raised bed was created and mint was planted (which created a natural border hedge).  It looks really rustic and fills some of the open space.  Notice the walking paths.

How the area looks today


This is how the bed looked when it was first created.  (I will write a feature on lasagna beds)  Most of the materials came from the garden and compost bin.


Here is the new location of the corn.  (This picture was taken on July 10th)  Notice the arugula  on the bottom.




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