First Mosaic Tile added to the garden

We are embarking on a huge project to add beautiful art to the Mockingbird Garden.  It’s a way to invite curious visitors into the garden.

When I am in the garden there isn’t a day that goes by where someone doesn’t approach me out of curiosity and engagement.  What better way to enhance the garden than to add a personal touch?  One of my goals was to create a way to add a connection to the garden.

I went to my local library to find books on Mosaic arts.  The latest book I am reading  is called “Mosaic Garden Projects.”  Like any project, the first step is to research the  entire process, history and tools needed.  I also watched Youtube videos on the topic. Once I was confident, I took pieces of broken Mexican tile donated by a local Mexican tile company and created the first mosaic paver. (See the picture below)

The beauty about this project is the randomness of the pieces an how it brings us all together.   Each piece will be unique  because of the different hands that will put their creativity into designing each paver.

We are in the process of reaching out to various mosaic tile art groups in Austin for their support.   You can contact me on Facebook if you’d like to participate.

Cara Harpole



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