Lasagna raised beds– a no dig bed that doesn’t cost you anything–but hard work

lasagna garden book

Lasagna raised beds are a great way to garden while keeping  your garden sustainable.  In our case, we used as many materials from the garden as possible for instance: dried plants, leaves, compost, tree branches, corn harvest waste, pine needles, egg shells, cartons, grass clippings, newspapers, cardboard, and wood chips.  We also used discarded cedar wood to hold down each layer.

One of the beauties of this project was the cost.  Other than gas needed to transport materials to the garden, and soil used to top off the raised bed at the end, nearly everything was from sustainable materials.  It’s great if you have the budget to purchase organic fill, peat moss etc., but it’s not necessary.

Lasagna raised beds eliminates the need for digging.  So if you have clay or granite issues, this is the perfect garden technique for you.

Here’s how the layers look

mikes deluxe sheet mulch.png

lasagna bed steps

This is one of the most simplest approaches to lasagna gardening.  I like the fact that no expensive fertilizers were used.


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